Darkside opened on March 1st, 2022. Darkside is a locally owned and operated gym facility. Offering 24 hour access, 7 days a week using the most up to date geo location access technology. This means, no key fobs & no swipe cards. Simply use your phone to come and go as you please.

We pride ourselves on offering a comfortable space for any and everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re new to the gym, or a seasoned vet, darkside is built to accommodate your needs. One step into the facility and you will feel the change in energy and atmosphere.

Offering cardio equipment, power racks, 5-100 commercial dumbbells, 8 stack cable machine, and much much more. Darkside is ready for you!

Fun note, 90% of all the equipment in the facility is from Triple Threat Inc. From bumper plates, bars, collars and racks. Triple Threats equipment stands out above the rest. We are proud to say that this facility is predominantly equipped from locals businesses.